BizziBoo Official Launch Today!

We’re really pleased to announce the official launch of today. Our team have been working around the clock to finish building the brand new BizziBoo website and have done a fantastic job.

Are Looking for a Casual Job?

If you are looking to earn a little extra cash it can be hard to find Part time jobs, Casual jobs or One-off tasks. More difficult still is to find local opportunities.

Maybe you have some time on your hands and would like to find gardening jobs, or perhaps you are looking for part time cleaning jobs? There are numerous ways to earn a little extra cash. Have you considered how hard it is to find a babysitter sometimes? Or find a dog walker? That person could be you if only you knew where to search.

Well at last you problem is solved. is a brand new website to help people looking for part time and casual jobs with people just like you who need a little help. Start today by searching for an opportunity near you.

Why not register your CV with BizziBoo? Not a regular formal CV, an informal one where you list the things you can help with, you everyday  skills that we all have, you also post how many hours you have available and a guide rate that you expect to be paid. Perhaps you have a few hours a week which you could do ironing, dog walking or other chores. List them all on BizziBoo and wait for the offers to arrive.

You can set up job alerts that match your search criteria. We’ll do the rest for you by matching your search to jobs as they are added to our database. We’ll then send you an email to let you know you have a match.

It's free to use BizziBoo. Search for a Job Now

Would You Like to Post a Casual Job or Task?

Do you have a casual job or task and need to find somebody locally? Are you looking for help at home or around the garden. Perhaps you need a pet sitter or someone to mow the lawn?

You’re not a regular employer, not a business, just someone who hasn’t got time for everything and would like to employ somebody locally on a casual basis to help.

Post your job at BizziBoo and we’ll connect you to local people who are looking for just your kind of work. Our advanced geo location software allows people to search in their local area and then get in touch with you.

You can also search our database of users geographically, skills and rates. BizziBoo will help you find the right person quickly and locally. Once you have found the right person simply send them a message.

It's free to post jobs on BizziBoo. Post a Job Now