Did You Know – 1 in 3 Households Now Hires a Cleaner ?

Twice as many people under 35 today hire a cleaner than previously. Gone are the days when home-help is exclusively for the wealthy and affluent sections of our society.

The Daily Mail reports, 1 in 3 households today employs a cleaner, or any other type of home help like cleaners, gardeners or someone to help with the ironing, to help them keep their homes, and / or gardens neat and tidy.

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Research suggests that the front runners of this trend of hiring a cleaner is the under 35’s who, according to 1 in 4 of these, see housework as “tedious” and time consuming. It seems these millennials would much rather be concentrating their efforts on living life!

Why is the trend to engage a cleaner on the increase?

People today tend to lead busy lives. There are numerous time pressures of modern life such as busy with professions, children, the desire to visit relatives and friends regularly, fitting in a workout and busy trying to easily fit in spare time activities.

We all live a 24-hour-a-day life these days, just who even has got the time and energy to scrub the shower and dust for cobwebs these days? Not to mention the time consuming and laborious task of wiping down skirting boards and paintwork on a regular basis, together with the many other regular cleaning tasks around the home?

We live in an age where it seems there is never enough time, so much to do and so little time to fit it all in. This busy generation together with  others who just who value their time, would prefer to make use of their downtime time for enjoyment, rather than  scrubbing. More and more are prepared to pay for anyone to do it for all of them, because they view it as an excellent trade-off of money for time, it is that simple.

Many households and professionals without a cleaner, wouldn’t be able to find precious time for holidays or quality make quality  time for the kids, they might not  be able to enjoy their family days, and perhaps struggle for quality time together.

Over and above the obvious time-saving reasons for employing a cleaner, people hire cleaners because it is just not as costly as it used to be, in fact it is rather more affordable than you may think!

Now that’s where BizziBoo.co.uk comes in, we help connect busy households with people who have the skills, time and want to earn some money. There’s no need to pay over the top agency or cleaning company prices. Cleaners would rather keep all of the fee rather than a minimum wage. So BizziBoo.co.uk helps you find and recruit somebody locally, fast.

Most of us would be happy to give up a takeaway meal per week or or other small treat, to have our home cleaned from top to bottom once per week, after all wouldn’t you rather relax when you get home?

The cost of a regular cleaner typically ranges from £20 – £30 each week depending on the person and the tasks. So think about it when you next tuck into a takeaway. Would you swap it to have your bathroom sparkling as well as your floors sparkling and clean and leave some time at the weekend for yourself?

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